Benefits of Massage Therapy for Your Whole Body

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The massage process involves the manipulation and rubbing of tendons, skin, muscles, and ligaments. The massage process is rhythmic and has evolved past hot spas to medical clinics. Research carried out by experts at Back to Balance Wellness Center showed that full body massage provides lots of benefits including psychological and physical. Anyone suffering from conditions such as blood clots, cancer, fractures, osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from a good massage. Here are some benefits of massage therapy for your whole body.

Reduced Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Generally speaking, massage is a dominant stress reliever. It has continuously been proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. No studies today offer conclusive proof on the curative effects of massage on depression. However, the symptoms experience a decrease after the massage. Some studies show that massage gives us benefits such as increased energy, improved sleep, less fatigue, and concentration.

Stiffness and Pain Relief

It takes a full body massage to alleviate stiffness and pain. Only a full body massage will release endorphins which form as pain relievers. Full body massage will involve the release of endorphins which are the perfect pain reliever. In various instances, massage helps in relieving such pain. The massage will cover athletes’ sore muscles after going through workouts or incurring sports injuries.

Muscular Relaxation

massageThe main benefit of massage therapy is a targeted approach to body pain that reduces tense muscles, relaxes the muscles and increases the level of flexibility. Massage done regularly promotes blood circulation to all injured muscles. This increases oxygen and nutrients sent to damaged tissue cells. Better distribution reduces the occurrence of edema or cell stiffness. Endorphins too are released ensuring it boosts the body level of serotonin and dopamine. The hormones assist the body emotionally and physically.

An Increase in Circulation

Professionals working on bodywork massage increase the blood circulation by helping oxygen and other nutrients to access your tissues or its organs. Massage also helps in the control of body blood pressure. Most of the benefits offered by massage are positive. In addition, continuous medical care with healthcare experts can see you improve your well-being.

Your Immune System

Full body massage helps the body immune system. The rhythmic motions stimulate the body lymphatic system that supports our immune system with body protection.

Your Skin Benefits

It takes a full body massage to assist in the removal of dead skin cells. This improves the overall skin tone. With stimulated benefits from blood flow, the appearance of the skin gets better. Massage is essential for regenerating tissues which help in reducing stretch marks and scars. Massage oil provides a healthy moisturizer and other skin benefits.woman massaged

Lowers Blood Pressure

Undergoing massage therapy regularly reduces your blood pressure levels. Long-term studies show how blood pressure massage programs are capable of lowering your blood pressure levels. This can lessen all cortisol levels within the body and reduce your blood pressure levels. Undergoing massage regularly triggers any source of hostility, anxiety, depression and body tension. A low blood pressure minimizes any chance of suffering from strokes, kidney failures or heart attacks.

Previously considered as an alternative approach, massage therapy has drastically grown in popularity. As a mainstream treatment plan, it remains highly crucial during treatment sessions.

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