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Therapee: The Bed Wetting Alarm


While bedwetting s a regular occurrence in kids, it can be at times quite troubling and uncomfortable especially when it happens on a daily basis. There are also adults that struggle with the same which is not only shameful for them, but it also disrupts their sleep. Bedwetting occurs during the night when the person pees in their bed without recognizing it. Since these people are usually asleep, there is not much that one can to train their bodies to stop peeing in bed. The most practical thing is to wake the person when they are about to pee.



Bedwetting Alarm

To solve this, some researchers have come up with an alarm that wakes you the person who is asleep just before they are about to pee in bed. The device makes use of a bedwetting alarm combined with web-based software that can detect the slightest urine in bed. When this happens, the alarm then rings loudly thus waking up the sleeping person. Several benefits are found in this alarm. Some of the most notable ones include:


Urine Sensor Pad

As mentioned above, the alarm is triggered by the very first drop of urine on the bed. This means that it has a high-speed and accurate sensor that can distinguish between normal urine and other moisture like sweat. This is an important feature as it helps avoid chances of false alarms owing to this kind of moisture. This pad is usually placed underneath the sheet and is then connected to the bedwetting alarm by a thin cable. At the slightest hint of urine, the alarm is activated thus prompting the caregiver to come for the kid and send them to the bathroom.


Activation Code

Upon purchase of the product, the caregiver is issued with an activation code that allows them to monitor visualizations charts that show the progress of the user’s progress. There are also tutorials that will guide the user on how the product is used. They also come with a FAQs section where the most common questions are addressed.


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Child Lock Protection

The gadget comes with an already installed child lock protection feature which means that your child cannot tamper with it one the feature has been activated. Again there is an alarm volume control button to ensure that you can choose the volume range of your choice. There are also various LED indicators on the pad for various uses.


Therefore, if you have a kid that is still wetting their bed, therapee is an excellent solution for your problem. The beauty about is that it is easy to use and poses no danger to the user. Again, you will not always need to use it as with time. The body can learn the conditioned reflex such that every time your child is about to wet the bed, they will wake up even without the alarm.


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Ways to get you motivated for a healthy lifestyle


Motivation is the force that keeps a person working hard and drives him towards success. Individuals who lack motivation can never achieve their goals and aims. Organizations came to know the importance of motivation and hence started motivating the employees by using different tools. Where organizations strive to motivate the employees to get the best out of them, a person himself should stay motivated to survive and achieve success.



To stay motivated it is critical for you to have a view of your life. Every person wants to be successful in his life, and everybody has some dreams. One should set a vision of life that he intends to make that dream come true. This view of life will help you to achieve success and keep you motivated. Visions which are impossible to achieve and visions which are very easy to reach do not motivate a person. Therefore, a person must set out a vision that tends to drive him/her.

Optimizing the mood

The mood is one of the most important factors for bringing motivation. You should know how to control your mood and overcome any disappointment. Staying happy and facing all the challenges with a great attitude motivate you so much. A negative mood takes all the energy out of your body and de-motivates you. Therefore, staying in a good mood is critical.

Review goals regularly

If we do not talk about a particular thing we tend to forget about it after sometimes. Same is the case with the vision or goals that tend to motivate you. If you do do not review your aims and targets regularly, your vision changes and you no longer feel motivated. One should keep discussing his/her goals every day or after a certain amount of time. This will remind you of your goals and targets and keep you motivated.

Look for results

Every person works hard to get good results at the end. If someone does not know that where his hard word will take him and what rewards he will get for his work he can never get motivated. Therefore, you should always look for results. Before performing any task, you must see what the end results would be and what reward you will get. Only then he can stay motivated.

Think positive

One needs to think posmiling girl sitive whatever the situation he faces. You should always stay confident and should always believe in yourself. This will motivate you to face all the challenges positively. Otherwise taking things negatively will resist you from proceeding further.

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