Battle of the water flossers

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Before we get into the different choices, let’s discuss what a water flosser is. A water flosser is a dental instrument that one uses at home to make flossing easier, thereby improving dental health. Despite dentists telling us that we need to floss, only the bare minimum of us actually do. Let’s face it, it’s a bit of a tedious task.

That is where the water flosser comes in: to cut a long story short, a water flosser uses high-pressure water to clean in between your teeth, instead of using dental floss. They are also much faster to use than traditional dental floss, taking only 60 seconds in total. There two most popular brands are Airfloss and Waterpik. The Airfloss vs Waterpik comparison helps the users to make informed decisions. So go on, keep on reading and then let us know, which water flosser would you choose today?

About the brands

WaterpikWaterpik has been in the oral healthcare industry for quite some time and has been on the domestic market since 2005. Airfloss is an off shoot from very popular appliance brand Phillips.

Advantages of Waterpik

  • They tend to last longer. The reason for this is because they come with many different nozzle heads and so one can interchange them meaning that there are less wear and tear on them individually.
  • Most Waterpik devices are powered by electricity, not by rechargeable batteries and so will never run out of power. When you order, you need to specify which plug you would like, though.
  • The Waterpik has a large reservoir for water and so you will be able to floss your whole mouth in one go.
  • There is a great little storage area inside of the device for all of the nozzles so that you won’t lose any.
  • A great device if you suffer from sensitive gums as you can adjust the pressure of the water and use different nozzles.

    Advantages of Airfloss

  • This is a cordless and handheld device and is ideal for travelling.
  • It is quick and easy to fill the water reservoir as it has a large opening for water.
  • The device only one nozzle but it does a very good job and is really all that you need if you don’t have any specific concerns.
  • If you run into any problems, Airfloss has really good customer service.

    Disadvantages of Waterpik

  • It is quite a large device and so will take up space on your bathroom vanity although there is a cordless version which takes up much less space.

    Disadvantages of Airfloss

  • AirflossThere is only one model in the Airfloss range and it only gets updated every now and again.
  • The Airfloss device runs on rechargeable batteries which don’t last forever, resulting in you having to buy a new device when they decide to die.
  • It has a smaller reservoir and so you will probably need to fill it up once while flossing. And there you have it, a quick break down of the two most popular water flossers on the market at the moment.
    They are both excellent, your choice really just depends on your specific needs.

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