An Ultimate Guide To Minoxidil For Beard Growth

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Centuries ago men, used to keep beard probably because there were no better methods of trimming them. As civilization entered the world trimming of the beard was considered the ‘gentleman’ way. Today, there is a repeat of the history keeping beard but for a different purpose; fashion. Well kept beard define a man’s character and boldness. To facilitate an even, thick and healthy beard, people seek the assistance of Minoxidil products also known as Rogaine. So this articles will discuss more on the Rogaine Beard.

An ultimate guide to minoxidil for beard growth

What is minoxidil?

Also known as Rogaine, Minoxidil is a form of over the counter medication which deals with hair loss both in men and women. They slow down the process by boosting more hair growth. Men use this therapy to encourage beard and facial hair growth when they want to have well maintained and a thick beard. The medication is east to use and thus can be safely bought over the counter and used.

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How does it work?

Minoxidil for hair growth was discovered during another use. Doctors were using the drug to treat other illness like blood pressure. However, with time, they realized that the patients had excessive growth of hair and thus they started studying it. The medication was discovered to contain an active ingredient which when taken, they stimulate the hair growth. However, it is important to note that it does not promote growth where there is no follicle. Men with patches of where loss around the beard area can now have the bushy thick beards.

Benefits of minoxidil

Much of the benefits have been discussed above in bits, but it is worth mentioning gain clearly. Minoxidil helps most men to growth thick beard by triggering growth in dormant hair follicles. The results are seen after a couple of weeks and in some cases after a couple of months. It comes in two ways – foam and liquid – and both are easy to use. You just apply as instructed as you wait for the results.

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Various places to buy minoxidil

The medication is gaining popularity, and thus it is easier to find it nowadays. However, one must be careful to buy from a legit source. Reputable sellers with a website offer online purchase with free delivery to your doorsteps. Check the customer review to testimonials before you commit yourself. A walk to the nearby reliable cosmetic shop will also give you an opportunity to buy one.

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