Reasons Why You Should Let Your Cataract Removed

Gone are the days when cataracts have to be ‘ripe’ before getting them removed by surgery. To be ‘ripe’ means that the cataracts have to big enough. But with today’s advanced technology, cataracts can be removed even at any stage. This means that once you are diagnosed with it, you can go for surgery immediately.

But not all people with cataracts want them removed at once. This is because cataracts have slow progression and are not yet very obvious. But mind you, cataracts accounts for 50% of the world’s cases of blindness. And although cataracts can develop at any age, it is when you reach 40 that you are more predisposed to this eye problem. Accordingly, 90% of 60 years olds and above are affected by cataracts.

You should be inclined to let those cataracts removed by Dr Cameron ophthalmologist for the following reasons.


It Is Progressive

There is still no pill or cure yet to stop the progress of cataracts other than surgery. Although it is slowly progressive, you should let them removed at once even if they are not yet ‘ripe.’ They will be easier to remove if they are on their early stages. This means that you may spend less money and surely, you will have an easier time on the operating table.

It Is an Eye Sore

One of the most common reasons people go for cataract removals is for aesthetic purposes. Indeed, it does not look good to have those white masses in your eyes. For some, it is a cause of embarrassment. To do away with such, having your eyes checked by an eye doctor by the time you are 40 or above will help you know if you are developing cataracts in your eyes. This way, you can let them removed at once and avoid the stigma of not looking pretty well because of your cataracts.

It Impedes Your ADL

Your activities of daily living can be affected with a worsening case of cataracts. You may begin to have a harder time reading novels and other of your favorite books. You may also start not seeing well at night. As your cataract progresses, there may be other activities that you may affected that there may come a time that you become less productive. This means that you may not be living your life to the fullest anymore.

Letting your cataracts removed as early as possible has many more advantages. Don’t wait for the time that you care less about your physical appearance because it may be the reason not to push through with an operation. And also, when that time comes, you may have missed a lot and will be missing more if you still do not go for cataract surgery.

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