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Five Reasons You Need Pre-Workouts Without Creatine


Without any doubt, pre-workout supplements have been popular for a while now. However, many people have scant information regarding them. Pre-Workout supplements contain essential ingredients like caffeine as well as beta alanine that work in combination to turn around your training sessions. Taking pre-workout supplements is among the many ways to get peak performance and efficiency when hitting the gym, allowing you to exercise harder and for extended periods. Discussed below are the benefits of using pre-workouts without creatine.

Increased energy

Having extra energy when working out is a plus. The energy comes from an ingredient that goes by the name caffeine. It works by stimulating your body helping you to become energetic and ready for your training sessions. If you get a supplement that contains both caffeine and arginine, then it will even be more potent. If you wish to increase your energy levels, you need to get pre workouts without creatine , and instead get those with the right ingredients that will give you an edge over your gym buddies and that will be safer for daily use.

Boosted performance and efficiency

pillsPerhaps the primary reason why many folks use pre-workouts is to promote performance as well as efficiency. In simple terms, when taking pre-workout supplements, you will have the ability to train harder to shed weight or pack muscles. The supplements will allow you to feel good and have the energy to get the most out of your workouts without much difficulty.

Weight loss and metabolism

Another reason why you should consider using pre-workout supplements is that it contains ingredients that will rev up your metabolism. Apart from stimulating your metabolism, ingredients like caffeine and many others promote weight loss. Yes, you heard me right! Caffeine is responsible for boosting thermogenesis, fat oxidation, metabolism and keeping hunger pangs at bay. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, pre-workouts will ensure you stay fit and lean.

Quick recovery

Pre-workout supplements will not only help you when working out. They will also help you to recover quickly from training. Every gym enthusiast knows that you have to go hard otherwise you won’t get the gains that you desire. However, after having a serious workout session, you will be feeling sore. Ingredients like caffeine will help you to tackle muscle soreness and raise your glucose as well as insulin levels when resting, helping you to recover in no time. Without fast recovery, you can’t workout efficiently.

Better concentration and focus

builds mass fastIf you don’t concentrate and stay focused on the gym, then the chances are that you won’t achieve your goals. Pre-workouts work by helping you to sidestep mental strain during workouts thanks to caffeine. So if you have been having concentration and focus issues, pre-workouts will help you take your training sessions to the next level.

It promotes water retention when shopping for pre-workouts, stay away from those that contain creatine monohydrate because it reverses the effects of caffeine like water expulsion, it promotes water retention, and some users report nausea and stomach upset. Pre-workouts are exactly what you require to get the most out of your workouts and accelerate recovery.

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Things That You Should Avoid Doing When You Are Pregnant

pregnant woman

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing to any woman. The thoughts and feelings of bringing a new life to the world are very satisfying. This wonderful period of pregnancy is also delicate. Pregnant women are prone to many dangers and accidents that could be detrimental to the safety of the unborn baby. Due to this reason, extreme care should be maintained throughout the pregnancy. For women, here the things that you should avoid doing when you are pregnant.


Smoking tobacco is harmful to the health of the fetus. It affects the development of its organs, restricts sufficient oxygen intake and causes congenital defects. It is also responsible for the poor mental development in babies. Smoking is also associated with the birth of low weight babies as well as premature delivery. Smoking or staying near a smoker should be avoided.

Some women may be wondering, can you smoke weed during pregnancy? The answer to do this is quite obvious. Regardless if it’s tobacco or weed that you are smoking, both have adverse effects to your pregnancy.

Consuming Alcohol

beer Drinking alcohol during pregnancy exposes the unborn baby to many risks. Congenital disabilities such stunted growth, poor concentration and mental retardation are common among children of alcoholic mothers. It is, therefore, important to avoid alcohol to have a healthy baby.

Abusing Drugs

Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and others pose a serious threat to the unborn baby. It results in the birth of babies with low weight. Still, the baby could turn out to be drug dependent. While under the influence of drugs, it is possible to involve oneself in situations that could physically harm the fetus.
Stress.Stress is not good for the mother the unborn baby. Because the fetus experiences the emotions of the mother, if the mother is stressed, also the fetus experiences stress. The stress, in turn, hinders its mental development. The fetal stress is also associated with fear and emotional stress during adulthood.

Taking X-Rays.

Taking an X-ray during pregnancy is extremely dangerous to the fetus. The high energy radiation could alter the genetic makeup of the baby resulting in abnormalities. It is also responsible for the intrauterine death of the fetus.

Exercise Vigorously

working out Light exercises are essential during pregnancy. Vigorous workouts deplete oxygen from the mother’s body and as such the baby receives insufficient oxygen, a situation known as fetal hypoxia. Its effect is brain damage and hence poor mental development.

Stand for Many Hours.

Spending many hours standing stresses the body. It may cause varicose veins. The feet and legs may also develop edema. It is better to get enough rest by lying down or sitting during pregnancy.
Giving birth to a healthy baby is the joy of everyone but more so the mother. By following the above not to do things during pregnancy, the mother stays safe and so is the unborn baby.

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